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CNHTC Got the Order of 210 Units of Howo Intelligent Dirt Trucks in Fuzhou

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Recently, CNHTC Sales Dept. received an order of 210 Units New Smart Dirt Trucks again. Until then, Sinotruk Howo/Hohan new green intelligent Dirt Truck has accomplished sales for over 900 units in total this year in Fuzhou Area. The market share reached more than 75%, made a outstanding contributions for the New City Building in Fuzhou. It also draws a successful conclusion for 2017.

Sinotruk Howo Dump Truck are very popular by many users for its stability, comfort, economy and intelligence. At the beginning of this year, CNHTC sales Dept. Fuzhou Branch and  Fujian Shunan Vehicle sales & services Co. Ltd visited Residue Office and the local large-scale excavation company. They made a detailed understanding for the intelligent requirements of the government and the major transportation companies. Later with the guidance of CNHTC Technology Development Center, they connect the smart pass (a car smart terminal equipment) and the government intelligent control platform smoothly.

Vehicle intelligent terminal system includes tachographs, cameras, sensors and other equipment. It can perceive and collect the slag car location, direction, speed and other operational information at real-time. The information includes speeding, cross-border, undocumented transport and other related data. It achieved the remote control speed (different sections of different speed), forward with the roof seal, the designated route transport, designated dumping and other functions to facilitate the government to manage muck transport vehicles.It can effectively avoid the overload, speeding and so on.It further ensured the beauty and unity of the city, which has become one of the reasons why Fuzhou Municipal Government repeatedly bulk purchase of the new CNHTC intelligent slag car.


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