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Trial Operation of Sinotruk Training Center in Pakistan

Author :Heavy Duty Truck     Add Time : 2018-10-08     PV :

In OCT 20th, the Sinotruk training center, which located in Lahore, Pakistan economic center, began to try its operation. This training center is the first training center established by the Chinese commercial vehicle brand in Pakistan. It is also the first independent oversea training center established by CNHTC. The deputy general manager of CNHTC, Wang Haotao, also gave guidance to the construction of the training center during the investigation in Pakistan.

Sinotruk Pakistan Training Center was established for the purpose of training Pakistani local drivers and maintenance workers; improving Sinotruk brand in Pakistan's influence; and to train service personnel in other countries in the region market.

In the past few decades, Pakistani Japanese brands have been monopolized. However, with the launch of "The Belt and Road Initiatives" and the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor" project, CNHTC vehicles have begun to enter Pakistan in large quantities, rapidly increasing in volume and being active in seizing market share. With the rapid increase of market share, Sinotruk has also gradually improved its after-sales service system. The establishment of this training center has a positive and far-reaching impact on the development of CNHTC in the Pakistani market. After the training center is put into operation, the first 18 people will attend the two-week training.

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