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World premiere丨 SINOTRUKs Smart Electric Truck Successfully Carried Out The Worlds First Ship Operation

Author :Heavy Duty Truck     Add Time : 2020-1-25     PV :

On January 17, 25 self-driving electric trucks independently developed by Sinotruk, Tianjin Port, and Mainline Technology, successfully carried out the world's first shipbuilding operation in Tianjin Port. They have reached the leading level of global automated terminals , which Established the "China Model" for the intelligent upgrade of the world's ports.

The vehicles used in the world's first unmanned electric truck-based trucking operation are all provided by Sinotruk.The vehicle is based on the HOWO series technology platform and integrates world-leading innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, connected cars, cloud computing, new energy and new materials. They achieved mass production for the first time in China.

This successful whole ship operation marks the first major breakthrough of Sinotruk's unmanned electric trucks in the large-scale application.This incident provided the "China Solution" for the construction of the world's automated container terminal and contributed "Chinese wisdom".

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