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Sinotruks First Intelligent Snow Wax Truck Officially Serves The Beijing Winter Olympics

Author :Heavy Duty Truck     Add Time : 2020-02-16     PV :

The Beijing Winter Olympics snow wax truck delivery ceremony was held at the National Sports Administration. The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics snow wax truck product and developed by Sinotruk Howo Truck Group was officially delivered to the National Sports Administration.

As the necessary service guarantee for the Winter Olympics, the snow wax truck can not only improve the athlete's performance, but also reflect the country's comprehensive industrial strength. Countries with developed ice and snow sports industrial strength have their own snow wax trucks to provide guarantee for athletes, while China's ice and snow sports teams used to participate in competitions, and could only rent foreign vehicles or container slabs houses. Snow wax trucks are the blank of domestic equipment.

Sinotruk has delivered the three main structures of the Yellow River hydrogen fuel cell tractor, hybrid tractor and trailer body, as well as the SITRAK diesel equipment bicycle for the service guarantee of the Winter Olympics ice and snow projects.  Among them, the Yellow River Hydrogen Fuel Cell Snow Wax Truck is China’s first intelligent snow wax truck with completely independent intellectual property rights. Sinotruk assist the Winter Olympics with science and technology, reaching a new height of "China's first, world first-class and completely domestically produced ".

The successful development of Sinotruk Yellow River Hydrogen Fuel Cell Snow Wax Truck has achieved a major breakthrough in the first fully independent intellectual property. Sinotruk, provides a strong guarantee for the development of ice sports in China, and contributes its power to the "science and technology power" and "sports power".

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