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Sinotruk Exports More Than 10,000 Units in a Month, Creating a Milestone In the Export of Truck Industry

Author :Heavy Duty Truck     Add Time : 2022-11-02     PV :

At 4:00 PM on October 31st, the "SINOTRUK and the World win-win - the Howo trucks exported in a single month to exceed 10,000 units" was held in Jinan. At the meeting, Sinotruk issued the 10,000th export heavy truck "departure" instruction in October and interacted with customers in Saudi Arabia and Moroccan dealer representatives on video.

From January to October this year, in the face of the cliff-like decline of my country's heavy truck industry, SINOTRUK market share increased by 4 percentage points, ranking first in my country's industry for the first time, highlighting the resilience brought by the restructuring and reform. Among them, the export of heavy commercial vehicles was 76,000, an increase of 54% year-on-year, accounting for more than 50% of my country's industry exports, especially in October, which set a record of 10,000 exports in a single month.

Since the beginning of this year, SINOTRUK, Shacman, Weichai Group, Shantui Co., Ltd., Zhongtong Bus and other enterprises have made a historic breakthrough in product export.

Tan Xuguang said: "Sinotruk's single-month heavy truck exports exceeded 10,000 units, which is a milestone in the history of my country's heavy-duty truck industry export development. This is our Conscientiously study, publicize and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and implement specific actions to stabilize the overall economic market and foreign trade exports. We will seize the opportunity in the last two months of this year, and strive to be strong, strong, and rushing, so as to serve Shandong The economy and the stable development of Jinan's economy have made do contributions."

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