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China Sinotruk ’s all -line commercial vehicle has been fully advanced to Sixth B

Author :Heavy Duty Truck     Add Time : 2023-06-12     PV :
From July 1st this year, the 6B stage of the National Six -Six emission standards will be fully implemented nationwide, and cars that do not meet the "National Six Ended Standards 6B stage" (hereinafter referred to as Guo Liu) will be prohibited from production, import and sales. As early as September 1, 2021, China ’s Sinotruk production vehicles have fully met the national six -B emission standards, and it has been more than two years in advance compared with the prescribed formal switching time.

The National Six B is known as "the strictest emission standards in history" and brings huge challenges to the commercial vehicle industry. Technology has become the key to winning the industry in the new round of competition in the industry. China Sinotruk has continuously increased the proportion of R & D investment in recent years, and capital investment has maintained an average annual increase of more than 30%.

In recent years, China Sinotruk Howo has continuously made major breakthroughs in technology research and development. The original original was equipped with 52.28%diesel engine with a thermal efficiency of 52.28%, the seventh-generation S-AMT 16 intelligent automatic transmission, and the Yellow River X7 won the domestic at 0.349CD ultra-low wind resistance technology. The fruit of the four major institutions certification, L2 -level intelligent auxiliary driving systems such as large -scale commercialization applications, and other technological innovation results have continued to emerge, leading the technological iteration upgrade of the commercial vehicle industry, and achieved comprehensive layout and advance switching in the National Sixth B stage.

While Chinese Sinotruk Howo has strong technological strength, there are also "champion teammates" such as Weichai Power all the way, making China Sinotruk Six B products add. The two companies successfully joined hands to build a series of Chinese Sinotruk exclusive T -power products, jointly verified and launched the world's first thermal heat efficiency of 52.28%of commercial diesel engines, and completed China's exclusive matching of Sinotruk.
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