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Tan Xuguang intensively communicated and expanded cooperation with more than ten dealers in Malaysia and Indonesia

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From July 24th to 26th, Tan Xuguang had discussions and exchanges with more than a dozen distributors and major customers in Malaysia and Indonesia in Singapore to discuss in depth the performance of the group's products in the local market and listen to customer feedback and suggestions. 

Tan Xuguang said that we must resolutely play the combination of "high-end products + high-end brands + high-end services", accelerate the efficient implementation of accessories and service systems, and comprehensively improve our product level in the competition with world-class competing products. 

Tan Xuguang said that we must insist on increasing the growth from the stock, promote the integrated sales of the group's products, and seize the strategic opportunities of the rapid development of the Southeast Asian market. 

On the afternoon of the 26th, Tan Xuguang went to Southeast Logistics Group in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and inspected the Johor Bahru Logistics Bonded Zone on the spot.


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