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China Sinotruk ’s five years -accelerate the conversion of old and new kinetic energy

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The China Sinotruk Group's Global Strategic Partners Conference was grandly held in Jinan, Shandong. The conference has held a series of activities such as product achievements exhibition, Global Partner Conference and the Fifth Anniversary of Reform Reorganization. The passion for progress and fearless hard work, attacking the main business, towards the century -old Sinotruk, and set off again towards the world -class full series of commercial vehicle groups.

This is the five years for China Sinotruk to speed up the conversion of new and old kinetic energy.

In 2020, Sinotruk started the construction of China Sinotruk Intelligent Network (New Energy) heavy truck project in Laiwu District, which is located in the new and old kinetic energy of Jinan City. This project is a major project required by China Sinotruk Group to actively implement the requirements of the new and old kinetic energy conversion series in Shandong Province. It is also an important support for Jinan to build an advanced manufacturing center of the Yellow River Basin.

In 2020, China Sinotruk overcame the adverse effects of the epidemic. In 9 months, the progress, quality, and high -level construction completed 380,000 square meters of workshop. The "New Stepshop Speed" that started construction and was put into production that year.

China Sinotruk Intelligent Networks (New Energy) heavy truck project covers frame production, body stamping, welding, painting, vehicle assembly, etc., and the production process has reached the world -class level; informatization construction includes MES and logistics management platform projects, smart wisdom, wisdom The energy management system, the smart park management system, and the construction of the machine room and the network, cover the digital core content of the entire park.

At the same time, based on the global automotive industry change and application environment changes, China Heavy Automobile actively responded to the "Implementation Opinions on Further Enhance the Implementation of the Implementation of the Sales Guarantee of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure" issued by 10 departments, including the National Development and Reform Commission, and quickly advanced " Intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, and high -end manufacturing ", a comprehensive layout of the new energy vehicle industry.

With the complete independent development of the full range of electric drive bridge technology and hybrid system technology, China Heavy Damage has fully deployed three major technical routes of pure electric, hybrid, and hydrogen fuel cells. The multi -technical path is fully launched and new energy.

In order to ensure the rapid breakthrough development of new energy technology, China Sinotruk has continuously increased its investment in cleaning technology. In only 2022, the investment cost of clean technology R & D expenses reached nearly 300 million yuan. Quickly playing has enriched China's Sinotruk's product layout, and accelerated the construction of China Sinotruk's complete pure electric technology ecosystem. The number of patents in China Sinotruk Clean Energy Technology also showed an explosive growth trend. Based on 19 and 46 in 2021, China Sinotruk obtained 193 cleaning technology patents, and new energy technology made breakthroughs in breakthroughs. develop.

Accelerate the construction of intelligent connected projects, accelerate the establishment of China Sinotruk's complete new energy commercial vehicle system, and actively build the province's new and old kinetic energy conversion benchmarks. China Sinotruk gives full play to the role of leading enterprises in the industry chain. The production capacity and supply chain of the car, strive to build the top innovation conversion highland with the advantages of the most efficient, cost, and innovation in the global manufacturing industry.


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