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SINOTRUK HOWO light truck 170 HP

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Recently, HOWO light truck seven-star Golden Titan WP2.5N has achieved a new power upgrade to empower efficient transportation. SINOTRUK HOWO light truck has always been anchored at the forefront of the industry. It is not satisfied with being excellent for a while, but truly achieves excellence all the time. Become the number one light truck brand in China.

Empowering the new era with technology and upgrading power to start a new journey of Splendid

From January 2022, the new regulations for blue-label light trucks will be officially implemented, to July 2023, a new era of National VI b will begin. China National Heavy Duty Truck adheres to the core value of "Customer satisfaction is our purpose". Facing the high timeliness needs of modern urban distribution logistics and intercity cold chain transportation, China National Heavy Duty Truck takes the initiative with technology as its edge and boosts the transportation industry with power upgrades.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the e-commerce economy, intercity short-distance transportation and urban logistics distribution and transportation businesses have emerged strongly. How can a strong industry be weak in equipment? In order to meet the "last mile" high-quality development needs and solve the operational pain points of truck owners, SINOTRUK's HOWO light truck seven-star Golden Warrior WP2.5N has been upgraded to a maximum of 170 horsepower, using smart technology to empower efficient wealth creation and technological innovation. According to the transportation routine.

Only by being stronger in the "heart" can we be stronger in action. China National Heavy Duty Truck's HOWO light truck Seven-Star Golden Warrior WP2.5N is equipped with the domestic top Weichai high-efficiency SCR engine, which has more complete combustion and stronger power. The maximum power of the engine can reach 125KW. Supported by high power, it truly reaches 170 horsepower, and the torque is upgraded to 500N·m. It delivers high-energy output every second. Its starting and acceleration performance are better than those of competing products of the same level. It can be used in cities, rural areas, highways, and mountainous areas, and can be used for express delivery and fresh food. , cold chain, trafficking and other multiple scenarios of operation without worry.

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