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40FT Flat Bed Semi trailer

Axles Number: 3 Axles
Overal Dimension: 12500*2480*1600 mm
Payload: 50,000 kg

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Detailed Specification

Type: SN40AF02

The flat trailer is designed for use in sevedoring and transporting of 1x40 ft or 2x20ft ISO cargo container or other cargo. The semitrailer
will be fitted with sidewalls ( 800 mm in height and 1.5 mm in thickness). When carrying container, the sidewalls
need to be removed; when carrying other cargos, the sidewalls can be installed.


External (L*W*H): 12500 mm*2480 mm*1600 mm

Coupler Height (unload): 1205mm

King Pin Setting (kingpin to front end): 1000 mm

Wheel Distance (king pin to first axle): 7200 mm

Axle Space: 1310mm + 1310 mm

Rear Floor Height: 1450mm (depends on fifth wheel height)

Landing Gear Location (from the king pin): 2420 mm


Tare Weight (tolerance ± 4%): 7000 kg

Payload: 50000 kg

Maximum Gross Weight: 57000 kg

Maximum King Pin Payload (distributed payload): 28000 kg

Maximum Axle Payload (distributed payload): 49000 kg

Steel Structure:

Material: High strength low alloy steel with 700 Mpa yield strength is used for welded 1-beam and fabricated parts.

Main Beams: 500mm deep x 146mm wide x 8mm web ( 350 Mpa yield strength ) welded 1-section main beams.

Cross Members: 50 mm wide x 100 mm high channel, W type.

Upper Coupler Assembly: 10 mm thick pick up plate; “U” section channel type king pin supporter

Front Bolster: “C” type channel, 180*70*6.0

Rear Bolster: 70mm wide x 180mm deep “C” type channel. The rear stop, tail and turn lights shall be mounted on the rear face of the bolster.

Bumper: The bumper stem is “C” type with 130mm x 70 mm wide with road traffic reflector.

Floor: 3 mm thick checker plate.

OEM Parts Configuration:

King Pin: 3.5” exchangeable king pin.

Twist Locks: Four (4) ISO type twist locks. Eight (8) retractable locks.

Landing Gear: 2 speed road side winding with sand shoe. Lifting capacity 28 T.

Type: Fuwa, 17”, left operating.

Suspension: Mechanical Suspension with 10 leaf springs (90 mm width by 13 mm thickness per leaf).

Cross tri-axle weight rating is 36T.

Axles: 150x150 square axle with 13 tons capacity. Brake: S420x200. Wheel fitting 10xM22x1.5/ PCD335/281. Type: Fuwa

Tires: 12.00R20, with 1 spare tyres. Rim: 8.5-20

Brake System: Dual air brake system, Wabco Emergency Valve, without ABS.

Gladhand: China brand.

Brake Chamber: 30/30 type on rear two axles, 30 type on front axle.

Electrical System: 24 volt lighting system with modular wiring harness, 7-way socket.

Front clearence/marker light: One each side, white

Side clearence/marker light: three each side, amber

Tail/stop light: Two, Red

Rear turn signal light: Two, amber

Reversing light: Two, white

License light: One, white

Color: Optional


Tool Box: with one set per trailer ( Nowhere equipped one)

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