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Sinotruk丨The Wheel Driving For Henan Flood Fighting And Rescue Front line

Author :Heavy Duty Truck     Add Time : 2020-03-08     PV :

In recent days, a rare extreme heavy rainfall in Henan Province, which are rare in history. Many places have suffered severe floods. All walks of life have participated in the rescue. Sinotruk's trucks also drove to the front line of flood fighting for the first time.

Sinotruk Howo trucks frequently appeared in the rescue team, and a number of fire rescue and rescue professional teams drove Howo trucks to Henan to participate in the rescue.

At the same time, Sinotruk’s “family” service has also quickly introduced a number of policies to provide strong service guarantees for the front line of flood fighting and the affected people.

1. The "Family" service is on standby 24 hours a day

The 400 relatives' service hotline, branch offices, and service stations are on standby 24 hours a day and respond quickly to provide timely and effective service guarantees for trucks in the disaster area.

 2. Free love meal

Provide free caring meals for all people.

 3. Free rescue

Provide free rescue and towing services for vehicles in the trapped area.

 4. Family support when one party has difficulty

Xuchang, Luoyang, Shangqiu, Jiaozuo, Xinxiang, Kaifeng and other regional relatives service teams are on standby at any time, to provide a strong service guarantee for the front line of flood fighting.

 5. Free maintenance

For the vehicles participating in the rescue, after the disaster is completed, a full vehicle physical examination and vehicle maintenance service will be given as a gift.

One side is in trouble, all sides support! The wheel of Sinotruk will always go to where the Party and the people need it most.

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