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Howo Truck Owners Story丨Because Of You, I Have New Hope For Life!

Author :Heavy Duty Truck     Add Time : 2020-03-15     PV :

Master Zeng from Yunnan province, bought a 6.8 meters long Howo cargo truck to run transportation a year ago. After one year has passed, how is the actual operation effect of the truck? Let us hear what Master Zeng said.

Yunguichuan is the main operating route of Master Zeng, with complex terrain and many mountain roads. Master Zeng said that when he chose the Howo Truck a year ago, he had already made many comparisons and found that Sinotruk Howo truck fully met his expectations. "The MC engine and S-AMT16 gearbox, running is certainly no problem!

According to Master Zeng, he is currently able to travel 13 times a month on the transportation line, and the transportation mileage is about 10,000 kilometers. After a year, the howo truck has never been absent. After calculation, his truck consumes about 17 litres per 100 kilometers,” which is fuel cheaper than my friends of the same type of other vehicles per 100 kilometers. 

In addition to low fuel consumption, Howo truck also brought a big surprise to Master Zeng. Because the truck weight only 7.5 tons, Master Zeng pulls goods between 10 -10.5 tons each time. “The truck can also save fuel, so the money will naturally be earned more than others. Now I exclude all kinds of expenses and earn a pure monthly income. 20,000 yuan!" Zeng said.

A year passed, because of the company of truck, Master Zeng was full of new hope for life, " in the future I will have more Howo trucks in the future, and can also be the boss in the future!”

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