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Sinotruk Group 2022 Cloud Business Conference Held

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On December 30th, Sinotruk Group 2022 Cloud Business Conference with the theme of " creating value, initiating a new era, and leading the era " was held in Jinan. After the post-epidemic era, Sinotruk has made every effort to create greater value for customers, has successively achieved remarkable achievements in the industry, heavy truck annual market share is expected to 20.5% (China association of automobile industry caliber), up nearly year-on-year 3%, domestic industry ranked to second, among them, the export of heavy trucks has maintained the first place in the country for 17 consecutive years.

In view of the current epidemic situation, this year Sinotruk cloud business conference innovation using the form of new VR virtual live, by the branch regional distribution modification, partners through the form of online conference platform, simultaneously sharing and review the development of Sinotruk in the past year, outlook and planning market strategy and product layout in 2022.

The coming year of 2021 is destined to be a memorable and extraordinary year in the history of China's commercial vehicles. The market continued to run at a high level in the first half of this year, especially the industry's sales of 230,000 heavy trucks in March, creating a new high for heavy truck sales. The hot market in the past two years has overdrawn a considerable part of normal demand, resulting in a rapid cliff decline in the second half of the year, which has brought great pressure to the whole industry. This change also means that the commercial vehicle industry has entered a downward cycle. Under the background of further tightening of national emission regulations, the traditional fuel heavy-duty truck market has been further compressed, the penetration rate of new energy vehicles has increased significantly, and the application of intelligent network products has also deepened. The rapid development trend further reflects that the automotive industry is in the "great changes unseen in a century".

In the midst of "great changes", Sinotruk has clear goals and firm steps: it will always adhere to the high-tech and high-quality road, continue to maintain technological leadership, and resolutely do not take the "roadside store" mode of selecting the existing social resources to assemble homogenized products.  On the new energy track, Sinotruk will rely on its own product structure, combined with the depth understanding of market segments, to create differentiated competitive advantages, and comprehensively deploy three technical routes of pure electric, hybrid, and hydrogen fuel cells, based on the diversity of commercial vehicle application scenarios. The development of a full range of new energy commercial vehicle products for four types of vehicle types: traction, cargo, engineering, and special-purpose applications. The fully-developed full range of electric drive bridge technologies will also be fully deployed, 3-16 ton electric drive bridge new products will be on the market.

The coming 2022 is also a year of both opportunities and challenges. It is estimated that in 2022, the annual heavy truck sales of the industry will be about 800,000-900,000 units, including exports of trucks will be 900,000-1 million units, and the annual sales of diesel medium and light trucks with a total mass of more than 3.5 tons and cylinder diameter above 485 will be about 850,000-900,000 units.

In the upcoming 2022, no matter how the external environment changes, Sinotruk will always firm its ideals and faith, strengthen brand strategy, optimize distribution strategy, and to ensure that the competitiveness of Sinotruk products continues to improve and continue to build a high-level marketing system . To ensure that after-sales service reaches a new level, and strive to create greater value for customers. It is believed that Sinotruk Howo Truck will be able to shift gears and overtake on the new track, and continue to lead the development trend on the fast track. 

Sinotruk always adheres to the corporate core value of "customer satisfaction is our purpose", practices "family" service, deeply insight into the market trend, adhered to quality first, meets the needs of market segments, and provided customers with more efficient and more valuable services. The overall logistics solution. During the conference, supplier conferences, family service forum, and business conferences of the main units wew held online at the same time.

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