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Sinotruk With Its Strength To Interpret The High-end Heavy Truck

Author :Heavy Duty Truck     Add Time : 2020-03-31     PV :

On October 12, the 19th China International Fire Protection Equipment Technology Exchange Exhibition hosted by the China Fire Protection Association opened. Nearly 1,000 enterprises from domestic and foreign fire vehicle machinery, equipment and other fields brought various products to the exhibition.

In the wide lineup of fire trucks, there are nearly 100 products modified with Sinotruk sitrak truck, Howo heavy truck, Howo light truck chassis. It is the largest number of vehicle chassis supply enterprises in this exhibition, and it interprets China's high-end heavy trucks with its strength.

In the exhibition of the fire-fighting equipment, special vehicle products modified from Sinotruk chassis have become the absolute main force. According to incomplete statistics, there are 68 Sitrak chassis alone, accounting for about 40% of the total number of special vehicle chassis in this exhibition, plus HOWO heavy truck and light truck chassis products, the total share occupies more than half of this exhibition. The products cover 4×2, 4×4, 6×4, 6×6, 8×4 and other drive forms. It involves four categories of fire fighting, high lifting, special attendance and guarantee, Water tank fire truck, foam fire truck, climbing fire truck, airport fire truck, rescue truck, large flow drainage truck, communication command fire truck, camping truck and many other models.

Over the years, Sinotruk products with efficient and reliable advantages, not only in the field of road vehicles, engineering vehicles to consolidate the user reputation, more in the field of special vehicles, according to the characteristics of the application scene and demand, Sinotruk products in a complete product driving form, cab category, etc., in specialization, operation strength and technical level of high high-end vehicles fully show product advantages, can provide adaptive solutions for different models, become fire, engineering infrastructure, mobile communication, mobile diagnosis and other high-end special vehicles first choice. At present, in the domestic special vehicle chassis market in the field of fire emergency, Sinotruk products have become the mainstay of competing with the international mainstream heavy trucks.

China International Fire Equipment Technology Exchange Exhibition is the largest and most influential international fire equipment exhibition and technology exchange event in China. It has been held every two years since it was first held in 1986. The exhibition is large in scale, large in audience, high in technology content and wide in coverage. It has become an important channel for governments and fire departments at all levels to purchase fire equipment and equipment, and is also an important platform for fire protection products trade activities in the Asia-Pacific region.

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