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Sinotruk Group Supplier Conference Was Held

Author :Heavy Duty Truck     Add Time : 2022-08-29     PV :

Supplier Conference with the theme of "New Era, New Technology, New Heavy Duty Truck" was held as scheduled. More than 180 suppliers and supplier representatives from all over the country attended the Sinotruk Group. More than 300 people Laiwu factory main meeting, more than 2,000 suppliers attended the branch meeting of each manufacturing unit.

.As a world-renowned Chinese national brand and the cradle of the domestic heavy-duty vehicle industry, under the background of deepening corporate system reform, inspired by the passion and entrepreneurial spirit of the officers, and with the help of the vast number of supply partners, this year, Sinotruk Group has actively grasped the Seizing opportunities for development, various economic indicators hit record highs again, and business operations maintained a healthy, stable, and continuously improving development trend.

The meeting was presided over by Mr.Wang Yong, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and executive deputy general manager of Sinotruk Group. After Mr.Cai Dong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Sinotruk Group, completed his important speech, the meeting entered the recess time.

In the second half, Mr. Yan Wenjun, Quality Director of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, pointed out in the procurement quality report that "our quality work goals for next year are: zero-kilometer failure rate ≤ 10PPM, after-sales failure rate ≤ 1000PPM, and major and batch quality accidents are rejected with one vote", And made a series of work deployment and arrangement.

"In 2021, Sinotruk will move forward to a higher goal from a new starting point. We still need our suppliers to accompany us all the way forward!" At the end of the conference, Sinotruk deputy general manager Mr Liu Zhentao around the external market situation, deeply analyzes the current problems of sinotruk supply chain system, and put forward new requirements for work, once again release an important signal to suppliers," we have reason to be confident in the future, we have more reason for confidence in the future of Sinotruk ".

"For those suppliers who are unwilling to invest in R & D, are unwilling to upgrade their technology, and persist, we can only resolutely eliminate them; we expect to eliminate 1,000 unqualified suppliers next year," said Liu.

Sinotruk knows that quality is the life of an enterprise, "We will never allow anyone or any unit to sacrifice product quality and affect the Sinotruk brand. All partners must be in awe of quality. Sinotruk will not take an inch in front of quality. Let, whoever is not responsible for product quality, we will shoot at whoever! "Deputy General Manager Liu Zhengtao quoted Chairman Tan Xuguang's original words, "Whoever is not responsible for product quality, we will shoot at whoever is irresponsible."

If Sinotruk wants to go to the world, it cannot do without the help of suppliers, and it needs to continue to deepen the collaborative innovation in the upstream and downstream of the supply chain. All the supply partners are working hard to achieve high-quality development with Sinotruk.

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