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Sinotruk Debuts Handan·China Iron and Steel Industry Chain Fair

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Sinotruk made a "grand" appearance at the second China Iron and Steel Industry chain New Technology and New Equipment Exhibition held in Handan International Convention and Exhibition Center on Thursday. Its powerful, intelligent characteristics, tall and handsome appearance and slender and beautiful body has attracted the attention of many exhibitors.

China Heavy Duty Vehicle Group Co., LTD. ("Sinotruk"), the exhibition is the Sinotruk Howo T5G electric truck. According to the field technicians, it is equipped with intelligent computing unit, lidar, HD camera, the world's advanced autonomous driving system, mature and reliable pure electric control system, so that the Howo T5G to achieve the full unmanned automatic driving. Howo truck can perceive the surrounding environment of the vehicle, according to the road situation, vehicle posture, obstacle information, to achieve vehicle control, route planning, to meet the 24-hour efficient operation of the port. Howo truck can achieve centimeter-level accurate docking, container one-time registration is in place, really achieve stable and fast. Matching with the mature environment perception system, when there are obstacles and they are determined not to pass, It will make an intelligent response and stop by itself. When the obstacles leave, Howo will automatically start and continue to drive to realize the whole driverless escort.

On April 12, 2018, the world's first L4-level unmanned electric truck HOWO T5G successfully achieved trial operation in Tianjin Port, providing efficient and feasible intelligent solutions for port container transportation. It is a new breakthrough in China's intelligent driving. It is the new future of green and smart logistics and a new milestone in the development and application of intelligent trucks.

The predecessor of Sinotruk is Jinan Automobile Manufacturing Plant, which is the cradle of my country's heavy-duty automobile industry. At present, Sinotruk mainly produces, develops and sells various trucks, special vehicles, engine, gearbox, axle and other assemblies and truck parts, and has a full range of commercial vehicles such as Huanghe, Sitrak, and Howo. The automobile brand is a heavy-duty truck enterprise with the most complete driving form and power coverage in my country's heavy-duty truck industry. Products are exported to more than 110 countries and regions, ranking first in the domestic heavy truck industry for 16 consecutive years, accounting for more than 50% of domestic heavy truck exports. Established 22 overseas KD production plants in 14 countries and regions, developed nearly 300 dealers at all levels in more than 90 countries and regions, and nearly 500 service and accessories outlets.

Focusing on the strategic positioning of building a world-class full-series commercial vehicle group, SINOTRUK has established a strategic transformation from technology introduction to independent positive development, continuously increased R&D investment and high-end talent introduction, enhanced independent innovation capabilities, and mastered key core technologies, to achieve technological self-reliance and self-improvement. It has the first batch of nationally recognized enterprise technology centers, national heavy-duty vehicle engineering technology research centers, and national heavy-duty vehicle quality supervision and inspection centers. The equipment for engine, vehicle, component vibration, and strength testing have all reached the world's advanced level. The series of complete vehicles, key assembly systems and key technologies have all reached the domestic leading level, filling many domestic gaps and leading the technological progress of the industry. It has successively been awarded the honorary titles of "China's Outstanding Innovative Enterprise" and "China's Quality and Integrity Enterprise", and "the key technology of the commercial vehicle mechanical automatic transmission hybrid power system assembly and its industrialization project won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. On September 16, 2020, Sinotruk integrated the most advanced technology and launched a new-generation "Yellow River heavy truck". All performance indicators have fully achieved domestic leadership and reached the international first-class level. The lowest among heavy-duty trucks.

The blessings of so many "black technologies" at the China Iron and Steel Industry Chain Exhibition allow us to see the future of intelligence in the field of heavy trucks, and also bring exciting highlights to the Iron and Steel Exhibition.

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