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Leaders of Sinotruk Went to the Plateau for Mid-Autumn Festival Condolences

Author :Heavy Duty Truck     Add Time : 2022-09015     PV :

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Han Feng, deputy general manager of the group company, Li Daqing, chairman of the labor union, and Li Wenguang, director of the product testing center, were appointed by the group party committee and chairman Tan to travel thousands of miles away to Dunhuang under the epidemic. The team members of Aksai's "Three Highs" test conducted holiday condolences, and sent condolences such as moon cakes to each test team member.

In view of the serious epidemic situation in Qinghai, in order to complete this year's vehicle research and development tasks, the "Three High" test teams of SINOTRUK moved to Dunhuang and Akesai at altitudes of 1200 to 3600 meters, mainly for MC13H engine fuel consumption verification, WISE10B The ECU verification test and the new-generation pickup project, among which the Sinotruk pickup project is jointly carried out by the Sinotruk, Weichai Power, and Shengrui Transmission teams.

During the visit, the three leaders on behalf of Chairman Tan and the group trade union to everyone to extend sincere holiday greetings! We had a discussion with the test team members, hoping that all the test team members could take good care of themselves outside, do a good job in epidemic protection and safety protection, guard against high temperature and altitude sickness, asked about the living and working status of the test personnel in detail, and pointed out that the enterprise will always be a strong backing for all the employees.

Also requires test team in strict accordance with the test plan and test project, verification, collection, analysis of real and effective test data, carry forward and practice dream spirit, spirit, beyond the spirit, rooted spirit, team spirit of "four spirit", the "three high" test team experience and spirit selflessly teach, establish values highly unified steel team, and look forward to the test team to complete the task, safe triumph. The last three leaders participated in the road test of the whole vehicle road, and test drove the new pickup truck, and communicated the driving experience with the test personnel.

The warm words and care made the team members forget the worry of missing their hometown, the fatigue of the plateau after 75 days of continuous struggle, and the difficulties brought about by the epidemic. All the "three highs" test team members were encouraged and guaranteed to be brave in the face of difficulties. Facing difficulties, stepping forward, daring to be the first, fulfilling the mission without hesitation, promising to carry out the test safely, and completing the performance test and calibration of the vehicle in the extreme environment of the plateau ahead of schedule this year.

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