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The sales volume of heavy trucks continues to lead, and China Sinotruk locks in the first half of the 2023 sales.

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Recently, the domestic heavy card sales data was released in May, and China Sinotruk continued to lead! In May 2023, the overall sales volume of my country's heavy truck market was 77,400 units. China ’s STDs were sold with a sales volume of 20,100 vehicles, and the market share of 25.95%continued to top the list. It is the only commercial vehicle company on the list with a sales volume of 100,000 vehicles. It locks in the first half of the 2023 sales championship in the first half of the year, and has become the biggest popular company to win the championship in 2023.

Since the beginning of this year, Sinotruk has opened in 2023 with a beautiful "opening of the door", and won the domestic heavy truck sales championship in the first quarter. The start of the start is strong, and the growth has a stamina. Intersection


Power and responsibility, switch to the new era of leading Leading Guo 6 B

For the automotive industry, the most influential event in May is that the 5th departments jointly implemented the 6B stage of the 6B stage of the "official announcement" of the "official announcement" of the National Six emission standards on July 1, 2023.
As early as the Sixth Early stage, China Sinotruk took the lead in leading enterprises, actively deployed the National Six products, and took the initiative to embrace the new era. Coordinate advantages, jointly develop MC/WP dual -power configuration, play the strong combination effect of "1+1> 2", and create efficient wealth tools in the Sixth era. From September 1, 2021, Chinese Sinotruk's new production vehicles have all met the national six -B emission standards, which has been nearly two years earlier than the official switching time specified in the "Announcement". , Help customers worry about access to the new era of the National Six B.

Value and trust, set off a tide of car purchase

In multiple market segments, China Sinotruk blooms extreme product power. In the colorful May, it achieved a good record: On May 19, at the new generation of Sinotruk ’s new generation of Hawo TH7 Gas Vehicle Tasting, the number of customers on the spot reached 146 units; On May 22, at the ceremony of paying the car with Haowo TX dump trucks, 115 orders were added on the spot; on May 28, China STD & Hangzhou Zhongshang Haowo Scum Earth Cars reached 280 vehicles, reaching 280 vehicles Order; on May 31, the first batch of 100 Haowo MAX automatic transmission trains delivered to Shaoguan big customers ...


On May 26, another upgrade of China Sinotruk made a surging debut and became a big event -level incident in the truck circle. "Value Leading Unlimited Trust -China Sinotruk New Haowo TX7 Product Listing Conference" was successfully held. China Sinotruk's new Haowo TX7, which was upgraded by Haowo TX, debuted, inherited the European classics, and used the seven major upgrades. Three major scenarios to create a "three good cards" that are good, light, and provinced. Open the new era of the 6th B of Resources and Transport, and get 2,108 good results for listing.



With the return of natural gas prices in the near future, the domestic gas vehicle market fire, China Sinotruk's new -generation WP15NG gas vehicle has continued to sell. In order to bring a better experience to customers, China Sinotruk has launched 10 major college service policies for this series of products to help help. Card You went all the way. In the high -end market, the newly upgraded truck loading, the newly upgraded Weichai WPNG gas trajectory vehicle, the high -horsepower tractor, the refrigerator truck and other product tasting will enter Hefei, Linyi, Shijiazhuang, Chengdu, Zhengzhou and other countries. The ground is a successful ending in May.


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