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China STDs cooperate with ZF to achieve a win -win situation

Author :Heavy Duty Truck     Add Time : 2023-06-11     PV :
China STDs and ZF Group signed a new round of strategic cooperation framework agreement in Shanghai. Tan Xuguang, chairman of China Sinotruk Group, attended the event and visited the event; the board of directors of ZF Group and President Peter Lale, President of Commercial Vehicle Division, and Wang Zhijian, General Manager of China Sinotruk Group, delivered a speech and signed an agreement on behalf of both parties.

Since China ’s STDs and ZF strategic cooperation, the two sides have grown and growing in the cooperation and win -win cooperation, becoming a strategic partner of each other and highly trustworthy.

Peter Lire said that China ’s STDs have made great progress in recent years, becoming a leading company in the heavy truck industry in China, and it has an important influence in the global heavy truck market. ZF will continue to provide the most advanced technology for China Sinotruk and continuously improve the competitive advantage and leading position of the two parties in the global commercial vehicle industry.

Wang Zhijian said that in the future, the two parties will fully expand deep chain innovation in new fields such as electric drivers and intelligent driving, jointly welcome the challenges of low -carbon and intelligent transformation, provide customers with world -class differentiated solutions, and continue to lead the development of the commercial vehicle industry to develop the development of the car industry Essence
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