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Sinotruk Tan Xuguang: Young cadres must be at the forefront of high-quality development!

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At 2:00 pm on June 30th, on the occasion of the 102nd birthday of the Communist Party of China, Tan Xuguang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shandong Heavy Industry, said "Young cadres must be at the forefront of high-quality development!" " as the title, to give lectures on theme education for the majority of Sinotruk young cadres.

How do Sinotruk young cadres do things?

Have a dream: strive for the "big self", integrate your personal dream into the mission of the times, industry and country, and you will enjoy the joy of success in life. No fatigue! No sense of disadvantage! No loneliness!

Resilience: You must do well in the "downwind" and not be lost in the "headwind"; you must be able to do traditional business and be fearless in new business; you must not only enjoy ecology, but also be able to Adapt to ecological changes.

Have a mind: an international vision, a strategic vision, a keen sense of smell, and a broad mind.
Must be able to fight: fight against ecology, fight with the market, fight with technology, and fight with capital.

How should  SINOTRUK young cadres behave?
Focus on cultivating moral character
Active communication
Always be grateful
resist all temptations


SINOTRUK Tan Xuguang said that on the afternoon of June 26 this year, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in a group talk with members of the new leadership team of the League Central Committee that Chinese youth will have strength only when young people have ideals, dare to take responsibility, can endure hardship, and are willing to struggle. and the development of the national cause can be full of hope. The young cadres of Shandong Heavy Industry, especially the young cadres who have newly entered the leadership at all levels, must earnestly study and understand the words of the general secretary, combine today's party lectures, prescribe the right medicine, make up for the shortcomings, take on important responsibilities, and move forward bravely.

Representatives of SINOTRUK young cadres who have newly entered the leadership team at all levels made speeches respectively.

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