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Sinotruk Shandeka 10th Anniversary Brand Night was held in Qingdao

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What does ten years mean? In the long river of time, ten years is but a drop in the ocean. But for Shandeka, ten years is an unforgettable growth and a transformation of accumulating quality into gold. On July 2, the 10th anniversary brand night of Sinotruk Shandeka was held in Qingdao, reviewing its ten-year glory in a special way, and also ushered in a new era of "Sinotruk Shandeka".
Create the No. 1 brand of high-end heavy trucks in China

Back in time to January 17, 2013, the first Sinotruk Shandeka product officially rolled off the assembly line. Since then, China's high-end heavy trucks have started the efficient road of "Sinotruk Shantyao".


From a single product to the expansion of complete categories and comprehensive coverage of market segments; from diesel engines to gas engines, and then to the development and development of new energy Sinotruk heavy trucks; Shandekahas completed leaps again and again and created countless historical glory.



After ten years of success, the accumulation of quality becomes gold. Wang Chen, deputy secretary of the party committee and executive deputy general manager of Sinotruk Group, said that Sinotruk Shandeka keeps up with the pace of the times and continues to lead the development of the industry in the refining of domestic and international markets. Over the past ten years, Sinotruk Shandeka has always adhered to the core value of "customer satisfaction is our purpose", adhered to "maximization of user benefits" as the source of power, and strived for independent innovation and research and development, leading performance, high-efficiency improvement of quality, and full life cycle services. With all-round efforts in other directions, with the high-end experience of "German quality", it has brought perfect product choices to every truck friend, and has become the leader of domestic high-end heavy trucks with the advanced technology of "import substitution", and promoted the nation with practical actions. The commercial vehicle industry has entered the fast lane of high-quality development.


"Currently Sinotruk Shandeka is focusing on new trends in the industry, new developments in technology, and new needs of customers, focusing on intelligence, economy, comfort, power, and safety, accelerating product upgrading and upgrading, and speeding up to become world-class. Next, we will use the most Forward-looking core technology, the most competitive high-end quality, and the warmest customer service, continue to create higher-value high-end logistics equipment solutions, and provide vigorous upward force for the development of China's high-end transportation industry." Sinotruk Wang Chen finally said.
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