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Moutai Logistics Company purchased 28 shipping heavy trucks to consolidate its own capacity infrastructure

Author :Heavy Duty Truck     Add Time : 2023-08-04     PV :
On August 1st, Moutai Logistics Company held a "co -advancing with the United States" -mai Logistics China Heavy Automobile Sinotruk Shandca tractor ceremony. It marks that the 28 transport vehicles purchased by Moutai Logistics Company from Sinotruk will be put into operation.



According to reports, Moutai Logistics Company adheres to the development vision of "becoming a domestic first -class integrated supply chain logistics management service company". Multi -dimensional improvement of the company's basic service capabilities and core competitiveness, comprehensively improving the systemic, standardization and professionalization of the company's logistics field. The industry takes off and logistics should be the first. In order to empower the development of Moutai, layout a broader market, expand business development models, and find a heavy card with strong performance, reliable quality, and well -known word of mouth. China STD Shadeka G7S Sinotruk Shandca tractor has become the best choice for Moutai Logistics.

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